Monday, November 28, 2011

Favourite Photo Monday

 blueberry craft and hobby time

I have wild cats at the back of my house, they wild, but if they smell food they do come closer.

and now your turn for your photos

How to participate in FAVOURITE PHOTO MONDAY photo challenge:

1. post your favourite photo of the week, it can be a photo that you took recently or one that you took not so recently
2. you can submit a photo that is straight of the camera or you can edit it, it’s up to you
3. create a post on your site with the favourite photo, please add Favourite Photo Monday button/link (copy it from my site) so anyone else can participate
4. submit your link to link party- please link your Favourite Photo Monday post not your main blog link, it’ll be easier for everybody to find your related post
5. try to visit as many other members and leave comments, we all love them

Let's see your beautiful photos


Unknown said...

awww... what a cute wild cat:)

my first time here.. have a great week!

The Mommies Made Me Do It said...

Aww that's a pretty kitty... even if he is wild. hahaha, I think I'd be scared of them.

Tezzie said...

Aww...what a sweet kitty! Makes you want to pet him, even if you know that it's not possible...

Val said...

He looks really cute BK

Míriam Luiza said...

Parece ser um gato dengoso! Linda foto!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

oh my goodness.. He is a fluffy guy isn't he?

and to answer your question, it was just a swatch of fabric that she placed on a chair

CameraCruise said...

What a cute cat.
Have a great day.

Erika B said...

What a great shot! He looks a bit sneaky!

Erika B

Marilyn said...

Such a cutie.. LOVE it : ))

Mimi and Tilly said...

That wild cat is just beautiful. He looks very pleased with life! Em x

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