Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flowers on Saturday - week 34


This is a pre-scheduled post , so only few words from me.  

 Please let me know what you think about the new colors on my blog, are they too dark or are they ok? What colors do you prefer when you visit other blogs?

Ok, back to Flowers on Saturday
I have one more photo of my daisy flowers,I hope you don't mind- this time macro shot.

 My three favourite from last week were photos taken by:




Please visit their blogs to see beautiful shots they took.

If it is your first time linking , check HERE how to participate

And now grab the button Flowers on Saturday from the side bar and link up your photos :


Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful shot.

Linda said...

I love your shot AND I do like the new blog design!! I think the colors are just right - but I have always wondered - what does the "Bluberry" in your title signify?

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

amazing shot.. and I am loving the blog design.. really captures the essence of you! LOVE IT!Still lifting you up to Jesus and hoping that you are getting rest

Unknown said...

I like your header pictures, so beautiful colored flowers. The grey background is not bad I can still read the white text. I have noticed that sometimes I have difficulties to read white text in black background and might start the migrene.
Are you having a baby now?!?!

Anonymous said...

hi Ewa :) I'm new at your photo challenge. love flowers and your shots are amazing. the blog banner is so beautiful and I think the colors of the blog work pretty well with the photos. it's a good choice. I've noticed you're having a baby: wish you all the best! such a bless :) xoxo

Nancy C said...

Lovely photos, Ewa. How are you feeling? I think about you daily and wonder if your little one has arrived. :) Have a wonderful day and thanks for hosting.

LadyD Piano said...

Thanks Ewa! Glad you liked the lily pads; me, too! Congrats to the others. I love your new header!

Blessings, LadyD

Katie said...

What a great shot! Is that a tiny little bug on the petals?!

And I think you've struck a great balance with the dark gray background and white text.

Carletta said...

I love daisies and this is gorgeous! Love how it fills the frame.
I like the new header and the gray.

Hope you're feeling good. Waiting to hear baby has arrived.
Carletta's Captures

Anna said...

I like your colorful header and the shades of grey. Rich and eye catching! Nice daisy, too :)
Happy week to you!

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