Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to create an organizer for your Craft Tools or just a pencil holder

If you have any tins lying around use them to create pencil/scissors or for all you craft tools organizer.

What you will need:
  • Tins
  • jeans material ( other fabrics)
  • double sided tape
  • glitter
  • embellishments
  • ribbons
  • scissors
  • small paint brush

Cut out the fabric, enough to go round the whole tin, and a circle to go on the bottom of the tin

Stick double sided tape, it will hold your material in place, no need for any glue, no mess :)

Once you peel of the tape, attach the fabric to the tin

Now , it's time to decorate them. As you can see, one of them has already design, so I will show you what I did with the tin that has plain fabric

Attach double sided tape on top, bottom, you can chooses yourself where you want it

We are going to use glitter on it. Once you peel of the white bit from the tape you are left with sticky part, use your brush to spread the glitter.

and that's how it will look when you add glitter, shake off the excess glitter

add some embellishments, I added heart cut outs

with the other tin, I attached some ribbon only

Here's another creations, it was done by my daughter

And if your child is having a party, why don't you make is as a craft project during the party. My daughters friends had lots of fun making them. They were really happy and they took all the pencil holders back home.
Below you can see some photos and their creations.

So it is a fun craft project for everyone!!!


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Fantabulous Friday!

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