Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Internet and computers

I can't believe how I've got used to using the internet and computers. Last weekend I woke up on Saturday morning and wanted to check my photo meme, my emails, my facebook and to my suprise I could not connect to internet on my laptop. Panic...what to do , what to do. First thing, I checked all my settings , just in case I pressed something that I shouldn't , still wasn't working, I rang my internet service provider, but it seemed like everything from their side was fine, he mentioned , that maybe my wireless connection wasn't working only and that I should check the connection on a different computer or try to connect with cable, well that cable didn't work either. I was very stressed at that moment. Something was wrong I couldn't get on the internet. I don't think I realised before how often I check what's going on in virtual world. Am I addicted?

Eventually I've got a lend of my cousin's laptop to check the internet conection and it was working. So it meant that there is something wrong with my laptop.
It is still not working but in the meantime I am using my friends computer to post this. I am just hoping that by the coming weekend everything will be fine, I have to stay calm, listen to some sea waves sound ...... :)

I am taking part in Thursday Two Question meme, so here's my two:

  • How often do you use computer / internet?
  • How do you react when you can't connect to internet or your computer is down?

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Lui said...

Hi, Ewa!
You would not believe this but I use an old PC with slow connections, yet I run a design studio and manage at least 20 sites! I do that 3 times a week and when I can not connect, I do other things.

Charmaine Poulin said...

Hello!!! Ha ha!!! Sounds familiar. Here's my answers:
1. TOO MUCH!!! Can't even say how much....emails, facebook, blogging...few minutes here & there adds up!
2. FREAK OUT!!!! Ok, maybe that's extreme, but I do not think I would do well....unless it was by choice that I unplugged!!

Joanne Olivieri said...

1. OMG between the store, my blogs, facebook etc... I live on this thing and should only be on it a couple of hours a day.

2. I become panicked, have anxiety attacks, rant and rave :D I remember how life was so much more peaceful without a computer :) Now I can't live without it. I hope you get yours up and running again soon.

Margaret Duarte said...

Hi Ewa. 1. I spend at least two hours a day on the Internet and when I'm working on my novels, I can be on the computer for eight or more hours per day. 2. I have three computers, so I always have a backup. If and when you get your computer going again, check out my post on FREE anti-virus protection programs for your PC. Your computer may have picked up some kind of virus.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

AAGGGHHH! that is so scarey.. but when we moved last November we could not get an internet connection.. no lines were availble for any provider.. It ended up being a nice break!

I do pray over my desk top about once a week...God has been so good to keep the darn thing going!

SquirrelQueen said...

Sorry you are having problems, it could be that you need to sign out of the connection and start all over again.

Between my blogs, facebooks, email, etc I'm online way too much.

I usually just do something different if my internet connection is down. If the problem is with my computer I will figure out what the problem is and fix it.

Lisa K said...

I spend most the day on my computer- as with the others before me blogging, facebook, emails, reviews, etc. adds up to a whole lot of hours of the computer.
When my computer is down, I first get a panicky feeling racing through me. I then take a deep breath and get some much needed things done around the house.

Self Sagacity said...

1) I breathe and live on the internet. I would say sometimes the ratio is 60/40 | internet/ real life. It is all good, since everything seemed to be on the internet now a day, bills, research, etc.
2)I would not survive now without my internet. Reaction would be "doing everything to get it working again" panic, determine, then frustrated?
Thanks for linking and joining this week.

Unknown said...

inhale, exhale.:p

i use it often...every day, in fact. i try to limit my hours on line so i have time for other things.:p

i get stressed when my internet connection is down. i harass my service provider even at 2 am.:p

Colette S said...

I used my computer/ internet almost everyday now! Gosh I remember a time when I had no idea what this was!

2. I blow a fuse and then I calm down and then I get lots of other things done and I learn to appreciate the computer/internet more also that it's good to have a break from it. :)


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