Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3D Decoupage Easter Card

I am so bad with sending cards on time;that's why I decided to make some Easter Cards this week and I can send them by this coming weekend and maybe this year they will arrive on time. If you would like to make 3D decoupage cards you will need:

  • 3D sheet for cards

  • 3D Foam Squares

  • Blank card

  • glitter pens - optional

  • scissors

  • embellishment - your preference

I used 3D sheet created by etappe-knipwerk, you can make two cards from that
all the other material that you will need is here in the photo - I just forgot to include the scissors - and they very important

as I mentioned above scissors are important as the first thing you have to do is cut out all the shapes

once you have it cut, stick 3D foam squares on the left side of the image

next step is to adhere all the layer with 3d foam pads add some embellishments, colour with glitter pens and your card is ready

I am linking with few craft linky parties, if you have time check other tutorials as well



Diane said...

Really cute and so colorful! :O)

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

soo cute! and I can nver get cards out on time.. My christmas cards have turned into Easter cards..but in between they were new years cards and valentines!!!!LOL

I may look for these!

Hope you are feeling well. You are in my daily prayers!

Crystal said...

So Cute! i love the 3D look.

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