Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flowers on Saturday *15*

It was very difficult to choose just one favourite photo, there was always so many great shots linked to Flowers on Saturday so I decided to change the rules a little bit. From now on I will choose 3 favourite photos of the week and then once a month we are going to choose a favourite photo of the month from all the favourite photos.
However I need help from your side, please let me know what do you prefer, I can choose the photo of the month myself or would you like to have a poll and we can all vote for the favourite photo of the month, it would be just once every four weeks. Let me know what is your point of view

So from today there will be three favourite photos of the week and here are the links to the last Flowers on Saturday photo meme:




Check these links, the flower photos are really great

For my entry I decided to choose the photo from my files, I think I have to go out and buy some new ones so I can start taking pictures of flowers again.

I hope you will let me know how to decide on photo of the month

And now it is your turn to show your beautiful shots...


Buckeroomama said...

It wasn't until this challenge that I'd started noticing all the different flowers around here... and it turns out there are so many different varieties! =)

As for the photo of the month thing --either way would work for me. Not much help, I'm afraid, but I really don't have any preference either way. I just enjoy coming here and browsing through the entries. :)

Channal said...

Brigth colours... lovely photo, makes me warm!

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

The best the person to decide on photo of the week or the month is you! Who can argue with your decision? :-)

Either way is fine since like Buckeroomama, I have no preference!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty.

You could decide. Or you could do a vote off?

Liz said...

wow thanks Ewa!!!!! I am glad you liked my flower last week.

I too think you should be the decider for the month. I just have fun coming here and seeing all the beauty.

I know as I had to go on a flower hunt myself. Do you a concervitory or such with flowers you can go to for free?

Katie said...

I hear you on needing to buy flowers! I'm having fun going back through all my flower shots from the summer, but it's making me miss them even more, I think! :)

As for the favorite of the month, whatever is easiest for you is perfect for me! ...but if you are wanting to do voting, then maybe you could narrow the shots down to the top 4 or your favorite from each week, and then we vote on those 4 (or however many you choose).

And thank you for choosing my shot as a favorite from last week!! It made my day! :)

Charlene said...

The bright colors in this shot are eye-catching and so pretty.

Ray said...

I think voting on the photo of the month would be really fun! (but you picking it would be fine, too. :))
Beautiful rose!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your picture is coaxing me to count how many petals the rose have ;-).

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

The red rose is my favourite.

Did I reply about the red hot pokr? No, I am bad in remembering names. This one I know because my neighbor has a patch, and I post some photos. I will do some more because I took some this season.

I post to linky late because my computer kept crashing.

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