Saturday, September 25, 2010


I think we all love flowers, so why not show them to everyone, how beautiful they are and how creative you can be with your camera.

Grab the code from the bar on the right side

How to participate in Flowers on Saturday photo challenge:
1. post a photo of a flower, it can be a photo that you took recently or one that you took not so recently
2. you can submit a photo that is straight of the camera or you can edit it, it’s up to you
3. the important thing is that the photo was taken by you
4. create a post on your site with the flower photo, please add Flowers on Saturday image/link (copy it from my site) so anyone else can participate
5. submit your link to link party- please link your Flower on Saturday post not your main blog link, it’ll be easier for everybody to find your related post
6. try to visit as many other members and leave comments, we all love them
7. I will try to post the FLOWERS ON SATURDAY link as early on Saturday as I can. The link will be opened till midnight on Tuesday -Greenwich time
8. The Favourite photo will be featured the following week.

So here's my photo for this week



Liz said...

Hi I put my entry in early hope that`s ok.

Yours is pretty and thanks for hosting. I am going to make a challenge soon so stayed tuned.

Dhemz said... it! mine is up!...thanks for the invite!

Channal said...

Beautiful Pansea! Thanks for the invite! / Anna

Katie said...

This is lovely!! Pansies are so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is gorgeous. Great photo.

Courtney said...

So pretty! How long will the link be open? May try to prepare a post later and jump in!

Unknown said...

Courtney,The link is open till Tuesday midnight

NatureFootstep said...

hm, I guess my BW fungi does not count. Or my plums. :(

Tara said...

This is a great meme...I just found it from your comments at Dewdrops. Will try to make it later.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for visiting me in Colorado. I've added a post for today! Thanks for hosting! ♥♫

Judy said...

Hi Ewa! I think we all love flowers:) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I am not invited but I I joined hehehe. Gorgeous shot.

Flowers on Saturday

T. Becque said...

These are lovely in that light.

Charlene N. K. said...

Lovely pansies bathed with sunshine! Nice capture.
It's interesting to be a part of this flower blog.

eileeninmd said...

Simply beautiful!

Serline said...

Pretty, almost like the whiskers on Narelle's favorite cat ;-P

Carletta said...

The colors are beautiful!

I'll try to keep this meme in mind. :)

Self Sagacity said...

This is a cute idea. Sometimes Sat rolls around and I am stuck. Thanks for the visit. I will have to keep this meme in mind for the coming Sats.

If you enjoy meme and challenges, come by and join us for Thursday Two Questions at We would love to have your participation.

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