Friday, August 6, 2010

What type of driver are you?

I drive to work every day, it only takes me about 10-15 minutes to get to my office, but sometimes it’s much longer and this is because of the very slow drivers.
Well, I am not Formula 1 driver myself, but I drive with the speed limits.
I am usually a very patient person, I don’t shout that much, but put me behind the wheel and I become somebody else, ever heard about road rage? No, I am not that bad, but I really can’t stand if there is a speed limit of 100 kilometres per hour and the person in front of me is doing only 60 and it’s the part of the road that you just can’t overtake it, so you stuck behind that car, but what get worse, at some stage there is the sign for only 80 km per hour and that person decides then - oh, well I can do 100 now and off he goes over the speed limit; why, why, why?
The other thing that annoys me on the road is if someone is driving behind me too close, I keep my distance from the car in front of me so I’d like that the driver behind did the same, most of the time they are good, but the other day I was driving and that car just came too close to me and kept driving that way for a while, I got very annoyed, I was driving with the speed limit, I was right, so what did I do, I slowed down a lot..a lot, and the car backed away and kept the distance.

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Lisa Madden Bass said...

Oh, My! I live in Florida, near The case you don't know about The Villages, it is the retirement and by the way the STD capital of the country! The drivers in Central Florida have to be the worst in the world!
We all have to drive defensively, as my Dad to used to tell me :)

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

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Jane said...

This is a friendly Friday follow - it's so cool that blogging means I get to connect with all sorts of clever creative people all over the world. I'll stalk you on twitter too if you want! I'm still new to blogging, but have two blogs for two businesses (I'm crazy I know) but check them out @ and Jane:)

Jennifer Sikora said...

Visiting from Friendly Friday Follow. Be sure and stop by my blog and take a peek. Subcribe by email or RSS so that you don't miss a single post!

Courtney said...

I consider myself a very good driver but don't ask my husband that question about me :)

Thanks for following me and I'm following you back!

My Wee View said...

Thanks so much for participating in Fun Follow Fridays!

I'm your newest follower.


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