Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Bonsai

I went to local garden centre the other day and found these bonsai on sale, 2/3 of the price because there was no flower - pot with it (see picture below)
I always wanted one, so I thought why not to buy it.

Next time I bought bonsai compost and planting pot, I had some stones in my garden already, which I put inside the flower pot, added some compost and transferred the bonsai to it's new home :)

Bonsai are fascinating and interesting plants that portray nature in miniature.
Bonsai is actually two words "Bon" and "Sai". "Bon" means tray and "Sai" means growing

They need fresh air and light, they dry out easily. Keep the compost moist all year round
Leaves will also appreciate being misted.


Hannah said...

that is a beautiful bonsai! I am following you back! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you come by again some more!

cooperl788 said...

That is really a beautiful plant - do you have to trim it back like other bonsais? I'm following you back too - please come back again!

Marty said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by and following me=) I too have always wanted a bonsai tree!! I love the fact that no two are the same=))

See you around!

Eliz Frank said...

Hi Ewa,
That Bonsai looks very well cared for and quite impressive. Good for you! I tried my had at them several years ago and they didn't thrive even though I love gardening and plants. Beautiful!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and I am now following you too. Will connect on Blogfrog too.
Have a happy week!

Sunny said...

I followed you from your visit to my blog, thanks. I admire you for tackling a bonsi. I like them and always wanted to try one but after seeing how much care they take as far as trimming foliage and roots, I decided it was too much for me. I will be interested in updates on your plant.

Unknown said...

I have to say I bought this the way it is at the moment there was just no pot with it , so the fun and trimming will only start now, I'll post photos in the future to update how it's going

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