Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maze in Castlewallen

On the nice sunny day we went to Peace Maze in Castlewallen (Northern Ireland)
It's a great place to see, fun for kids and adults trying to find the right way out through the maze.
We left the house in the afternoon, thinking it will take only an hour to get there. I printed out the directions from google maps and of we went. Somehow after two hours it didn't look that we were anywhere close to the place. As it happened we read the map wrong, and from some point we went the opposite direction. So advice to everyone: take a proper full map or get GPS, as printouts of just a small part of the road are no good. It took as three hours to get there but only forty minutes to come back.

So here we are : Peace Maze in Castlewallen

It looks really impressive. It is the world's largest hedge maze

It was planted in 2000

Which way, which way?

Attempt to solve your way out is great fun, you can spend lots of time running around to find the right turn

Do you think it's easy?

After solving your way to the centre of the maze everyone rings the bell


Parent and Child Reading Assistance said...

I think google maps can be confusing too. I printed one when I visited my sister in Salt Lake City, Utah. She laughed at the directions from the airport to her house and told me the easiest way to get to her house.
It's like you had two mazes to get through in one day. I'm sure the first one wasn't as much fun.
Yesterday road construction in our town drove my daughter and I crazy trying to pick up our dog from his boarding kennel.

CraftyMummy said...

Hi Ewa, Thanks for visiting my blog! I just fixed my button code so it should be working right now - thanks for letting me know that it wasn't ;)

I love this maze - and I can imagine my kids would especially love it!

Mimi and Tilly said...

Thanks for joining my community on Blogfrog. I'm glad you did as now I've found your blog. I'm looking forward to having a good read of your posts. Sending smiles, Em. x

Shabby Anne said...

How fun Ewa! When I found my way out they would have to feed me all three meals I missed during my treck. The countryside in the background of your pics is beautiful.

Ms Muffin said...

This looks like so much fun! Wanna go!!!! NOW!

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