Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to prepare a floral foam flower arrangement

Instead of paying for expensive floral arrangements from florist, why not make one yourself. It is easy and very quick to make.

You will need: container,floral foam, fresh flowers,scissors

I found these lovely cup and saucer in the shop the other day and couldn't resits to buy, use different shape containers for your arrangements, experiment with them

Choose the floral foam for fresh flower, they come in different shapes and sizes

Check if it fits into the container, you can always cut it to make it fit in

Soak your floral foam for few minutes in cold water

While you waiting for the foam, get your fresh flowers, there is so many varieties, so use your imagination which kind to buy

Cut the stems

Next put your soaked foam inside the container

And now you can start placing your cut flowers into the foam

Try to not to leave any gaps between the flowers, place as many as you can, the fuller it is the better it looks

And that's it, done, very easy to make, remember to water it from time to time for the arrangement to stay lovely looking for longer


Amanda said...

wow this is great! im just starting up my flower gardens so this will be great next spring!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! Thank you for explaining all the steps! I'm going to try this!

Our Home said...

This is beautiful! I'm working on an article right now and linking to you... Keep up the good work!

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