Friday, June 25, 2010

Denim Purse - craft project

My daughter loves to go out and play with her friends, but as her mother I like to know where she is and be able to contact her immediately if I have to. She has a phone that she takes with her so I can call her and tell her to come home when it's time. However it is a bit difficult for her to ride a bike or flicker or simply run around with her phone in her hand. Many times it fell down and soon enough I am sure it won't be any good, the screen will break or something else will go.
So I came up with the denim purse project.

What you will need:

  • old pair of jeans - you can use adult or children's jeans
  • lace
  • ribbon
  • embellishments - I used some heart shaped beads
  • needle and thread - use different colours if you need
  • snap fasteners
  • scissor

How to make the purse - instructions:

I used the pocket form the jeans, but you can cut out any other part of jeans - you will need two parts, I cut out the back part bigger to use it as front flap.

After attaching them together, sew snap fasteners- I used 3- this way the flap will be more secure and items like phone won't fall out from the purse.

Use some embellishments at the back as well, I sew purple ribbon - there is hidden pocket in my purse for other small treasure notes :)

As a strap I used a lace and a ribbon, I twisted the ribbon and sew it to the lace and then I attached it to the purse - first turn it on the left side.

Last few finishing touches- add some embellishments- I used in this case some heart shaped beads in two colours.

This denim purse is just a sample of what you can create, use your imagination and you can get many various great small purses

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