Friday, May 28, 2010

What would you do if you won ....

I purchased my ticket yesterday for euro millions for tonight's draw, so I still have to wait a bit to see if I won. It would be so great, but I would say all of us think like that, and then we start to dream what would we do with all that price money..... oh, it would be so nice.
So what would you do if you won a million? It seems like a lot, but is it, so I would first pay off my loans- who hasn't got them, then buy my dream house, or start building one. Share some winnings with my family and give some to charity. Then invest some, for instance starting small business that will grow will make money, buy a car, go travelling the world -there is many places I want to see. Well, If I start writing down, all the things I would like to do with that million, it wouldn't last for too long. But it so good to have dreams, without dreams we are nothing.


Unknown said...

Not even one number :(
there is always next time

Shabby Anne said...

Aww, too bad Ewa, I would have asked for a loan. If I won that much money I really wouldn't change much. First off I would buy a cottage in England so I could be close to my aged Mum. Then I would take her on a lovely jaunt all over Europe, or as much of it as she could cope with. I would pay off my mortgage. I would put some money away for my kids. Then...then....well one can dream.

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