Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday afternoon

It was a gorgeous Sunday today. What a weather. It is really summer here( hopefully it will last ). The sky was blue for the whole day, not a cloud in sight.Light breeze, oh, I wish all days were like that. The good thing I don't go to work on Sundays, I can just relax, do nothing or as less as possible, that's what's Sundays are for. Well, I had to do one thing-go shopping-there was nothing in the fridge :( But when I came back from , the only thing on my mind was take out the blanket, a book and go outside and enjoy the rest of a lovely sunny day, so I wished. One of my neighbours decided to have a disco or something, they had a music so loud, and the kind of music, that's OK when you want to move your body on the disco floor after few drinks. Great, my quiet day outside wasn't gonna happen , I thought. I made myself a nice cold drink, took my things out and ...the music stopped. Yippee. So for the next few hours I enjoyed reading my book without any of that "excellent" music.

In the photos-flowers from my garden -however my next weekend project is my garden.

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